Prom Makeup

Another one of my cousins asked for some help. Her daughter went to junior prom at the end of May. So exciting… my little cousin, I helped babysit back in the day, is all grown up! I could cry 😥

Ok back on track here, I was asked to do her makeup for the big day. We first did a trial day to see if she liked what I could come up with.

This is one of the looks she was going for.

Can you tell she loves getting her picture taken?!?












This is before faux lashes are put in to give the full affect. She unfortunately wasn’t a fan  and thought it was too much makeup. But she’s not a makeup kind of girl anyways, and I told her its prom your supposed to get super dolled up. I toned it down on the smoky look and went more neutral lid color with bronze/brown color on the crease.

Here are the pics from the day of. Sorry for some of the poor photo quality.

Before lashes
With lashes


Isn’t she gorgeous!!!
























Most of the items I used were her mom’s so I cant remember the brands and color names. The bronzer that I used for the lid crease was mine, from Arbonne, and I’m absolutely obsessed with it.

I used a black powder eye shadow and a gold crayon stick shadow (not sure I’m a fan of these) during the trial run. Maybe I’m not using it correctly or if your supposed to set it with something so it doesn’t clump up.

What do you think of these looks? Anyone have any tips for me for next time??

Hope I get to help with Senior prom next year! I had so much fun with them, so glad I got to be apart of this time in her life.

XOXO ~ Mia

Office/Desk area update

Quite a few months back my cousin had asked for my help on ideas to update her mini office/ desk area. The both of us scouring Pinterest for inspiration & ideas, she figured she wanted to keep it simple and clean black & white theme with just hints of color; more so gold metallics.

Once some planning was ironed out, I was able to get over to her place to help make it happen. With just some black vinyl & items from Target we went from…….

This……. (sorry for the dark photo)


We just took off the cabinet doors, both top and bottom ones. Moved things around a bit and added some folders, bins, cork board frame & some cute quotes. We added vinyl to the back wall of the monitor just to add some black & white accents that she was going for. She had a cute white with black polka dot cup for her writing supplies. I made her an additional jar, for scissors, rulers etc, painted it white and dipped it in gold glitter.

These adorable little pins & clips were on clearance at Target so I couldn’t help myself.

Added these to her cork board for a little more pop and organization. Aren’t those owls too cute?!?!

Now her office space has some new life brought back to it. What do you think? Anyone recently do a mini revamp around the house? I’d love to hear stories and see pics!

Hope your still enjoying your space prima!!


Life & Blog Update

Hello World!!! Happy 4th of July!!! I’m back with lots of exciting news, updates and upcoming posts!

It’s been a very eventful and crazy few seven months (but who’s counting….haha), but I wanted to let my friends in the blog world know that I haven’t completely fallen off the face of the earth. There have been so many changes in mine and my hubby’s life, that its been so hard to get back into the swing of things blogging and working on my etsy shop.

The main major life changer is that we are FINALLY having our first born child!!!!!And I say finally because (as only a few of our closest friends and families know) my husband and I had a rough year last year with what they call a silent miscarriage. It is now getting easier to talk about it, especially now knowing that this little one is well on its way out of the womb. It did take us quite a while to cope and then get in sync with each other as each of our schedules kept us busy and tired. I even took at home ovulation tests to try and get to know when the “right time” would be. I believe the stress of testing daily and getting upset when our busy schedules wouldn’t coincide, made things more difficult. I wont continue to delve too much into this as I don’t want to get too emotional on you all, and would like to keep this post as happy and uplifting as possible. But I do have to say that it was good to learn that I’m not alone (though it took a bit of accepting) and there were many other moms out there feeling the same way. Though it seemed as if it was a private club to be in and that most people don’t talk about these things until they know someone else has gone through something similar. On that note, I’d love to here from you lovely readers if you’d like to share/discuss each others stories, you can email me at and I hope to be of some comfort to you and maybe even vise versa.

So back to the HAPPY news, needless to say this has been a long time coming (or so it feels like) and we couldn’t be more THRILLED!!

The first 3 months I was pretty much in hiding from most of the world; we didn’t tell anyone as we both were too afraid of another miscarriage and jinxing things. The next month we slowly started telling immediate family and very few closest friends. And just last month we spilled the beans to everyone else little by little. I still worry every time this kid doesn’t move that something might be wrong and I probably will until birth, but trying to keep positive.

The hubby and I were not on the same page on finding out the gender. I love surprises and wanted to wait till birth. He hates surprises and wanted to mentally prepare himself (but i think it was more to feel a connection to the baby, with what we’d been through). So with all this new fad of gender reveal parties, I jumped on the band wagon and thought it would be a decent compromise. I also figured it would be a nice gift to one another if we found out on the weekend of our wedding anniversary, so he still had to wait a bit to find out and I’d still get my surprise. He absolutely loved the idea 🙂

We had a small gathering in our backyard, of his immediate family and my 2 best friends (practically sisters) with their men and kids. My family lives in Florida and would only be able to make it up for the birth, so we Skyped them in. The technician sealed the ultrasound in an envelope and I handed it to my girls to plan the party. So my poor hubby waited a whole month and a half longer to hear the news.

Here are some pictures!

It was a great surprise! 🙂 HUGE THANK YOU’S to my sisters again! Love Ya!

Now on to other exciting news…..

I’m working on building up my webpage and have gotten my own domain. Pretty soon I’ll be officially a .com site. Woohoo!!

I’ll also have some upcoming posts of a few projects I’ve done the past couple months.

And lastly, some updates and new items to come to my etsy shop!! Can’t wait to get back to posting and sharing updates with you all! 🙂

Have a wonderful rest of your Independence Day lovelies!




National Tree Lighting in DC

Happy New Year lovelies!! Hope you’ve all enjoyed the holidays! I don’t know about you but for me the month of December has completely gotten away from me. With all the last minute shopping and holiday parties; I’ve forgotten to tell you all about our trip to Washington DC for the 2015 National Tree Lighting Ceremony. 

We’ve been needing a vacation for a while now and when the holidays were approaching, the hubby and I thought that our Nation’s Capital would be wonderful to see all decked out for the holidays. Especially since we both hadn’t been there since we were kids for a school field trip. 

First we had to participate in the lottery mid October, then they announced via email the first week in November if you’d get tickets and we got accepted (yaaaay!). 

So many people but it was such a nice time. If you’ve never been then I highly recommend it for the whole family.

The next 2 days we toured around the city.      




We got to see a lot in just a few days. And at the end of our trip I needed to take pics of union station all decorated for the holidays.  

  This place is huge!! We had a wonderful time but was sorry to say goodbye. Next time we hope to stay longer. 

DIY Friday – Candy Corn Bottles

I’ve been so caught up with planning for Thanksgiving that I’d forgotten to post about a DIY I did for Halloween. So for today’s DIY Friday here’s a quick and easy project found on Pinterest from blogger Marji over in Ashbee Design. She had gotten the idea from another and then enhanced on it. 

Here is my version with tutorial of recycling bottles into Candy Corn Decor. 

It’s really that easy!! It didn’t take much time at all. Just waiting for the paint to dry. I let the white paint dry overnight only because I got distracted doing other things around the house but this could’ve easily been done in half a day {if your a perfectionist like me giving it a couple extra coats will take longer}!!

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Hi Lovelies!! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving last week! Mine wasn’t too bad. I got to throw my first Thanksgiving dinner since the in-laws went away on a trip to Portugal for a relative’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. 

So stress was inevitable but I was soooooooo EXCITED to throw my FIRST Thanksgiving in my home and wanted everything to be perfect. Of course, that never happens with my luck! Our friend has quite a few food allergies and I did my best to accommodate them but sad to say the Turkey came out a little bland… and learn I guess. Hopefully I’ll have another opportunity too cook for Thanksgiving in the future (if I’m not visiting my family in Florida, then my mother-in-law usually takes over the holidays!).

Here is a peak at my table though…..that came out lovely!!

 I realized I took these photos before putting the glasses and utensils on the table  but by then our guests had already arrived. 

The centerpieces were made from the vases I had leftover from my wedding, with some dried acorns, string lights, and a floating candle for the ones on each end. The center one was just a simple fall bouquet of flowers on top of a tree slab I had kept from my best friend’s woodland themes babyshower. 

Hope you are all enjoying your week and continue to do so!! I’m spending a couple of days with the hubby at our nations capital, looking forward to posting all about it soon. 

XO ~ Maria

Quick & Easy – Vinyl Organization

Happy Monday Lovelies!!

Today I’m sharing with you a project I was working on this weekend to clean up, little by little, the clutter in my office/craft room.

I’m still fairly new to VINYLing ( I don’t even know if that’s the correct usage for that word, but go with me on it) and though I don’t have very many sheets/rolls, I found the few that I did have weren’t ever all in the same place. So every time I went looking for one I couldn’t find it. I needed to create a “home” for them. As I was searching for my vinyls, I saw my CAN collection and thought out loud, “here is a good use for these!”


I grabbed quite a few and made sure they were all the same size. Then I spray painted them a glossy white with primer all in one.


After a few coats and letting it dry, I added a little bling to them {what else is new?!} since I had a ton of glitter tape in a variety of colors. I wanted to color code my cans to match my vinyls as best as I could. WICKED CUTE!! No?!?!


Then I stuck them all together with a hot glue gun. As you see there are some extra cans there that for now I didn’t need, but I figured I’d find more rolls of vinyl in my messy office at some point and then I can just add to these.


I was going to keep them lying down like this until I realized that the cans were too short for the long rolls I had and would just slide out, so I stood them up instead.


What do you guys think?!? It only took 10 minutes to make, not including the painting and drying time. How do you organize your vinyls? Any other ideas/uses for recycling cans?

Laundry Room: A Mini-Makeover Reveal

Hope you all are as excited as I am about my Mini Makeover Laundry Room Reveal……I’m ecstatic about sharing with you all in my chaos of this project that I had mentioned on Saturday’s – Sneak Peak post!!! YAAAAAYYYYY! Though it was only a mini makeover, I hope someday soon to finish my plans and ideas for the space in the very near future, but all good things take time.

I have been dying to get some sense of organization in this space and it would drive me nuts that I had to have everything on top of the dryer (in reach) because the shelves in here were simply too high for lil’ me. They may have worked for the previous owner of the home but not so much for me. Though I know I’ll need to make good use of this space even if I can’t reach things without a little help but at least for the laundry detergents and items I use often, I can have the space to make those within my reach.



READY?????………………..trumpets & drum roll please……………………………………………………….




…………………………………… TA DA!!!!


PicMonkey Collage (1)

Target & the Container Store (my 2 fav places to shop/get inspired). Here are some links to where you can find these things.

Elfa Easy Hang (white components) \\ Elfa Decor White Shelf and Drawer w/ frame \\ Devine Color by Valspar – Petal (Paint) \\ Devine Color Silver Dust \\ Drydex Spackle Kit \\ Baskets were already on hand and bought from the Christmas Tree Shop, I believe.



A better look at the sparkly paint! It’s very subtle but lovely to look at. You can see it right where the flash hit it.

I’ve only purchased bits and pieces of the shelves that I need for this space, and will be adding more as I go along the next few months. Here are a few inspirational ideas that I’m hoping to add to this little room/closet.



How do you all like it? Any other organizational ideas you love and could share for your laundry rooms??

Sneak Peak Saturdays – Laundry Room Upgrade

Hi Lovelies!! 🙂

I know its been a long while since I’ve done any posting (SHOCKER!! But I’m seriously working on getting better….. I SWEAR!!). My full time job is always hectic INSANE this time of year, with barely any time for my husband let alone the blog-iverse (blog universe) and myself for that matter. So how can I make it up to you all?!?!? Why, with a mini-renovation with before & after pictures, of course!!! 🙂

Here is a quick look at this project for my segment, Sneak Peak Saturdays, this month. For those of you new to my blog, I try (keyword “TRY”) to post glimpses of a project (usually a large/major project or DIY) once a month in this segment I like to call SNEAK PEAK SATURDAYS……catchy huh?!?! Then later that week I’d post about the full reveal of said project.

So here goes……this months Sneak Peak!


This line of products can be found only at Target! I fell in love with their color choices and I thought I’d add a little bling glitter to the paint of course! It’s very subtle and you can only see it when the light hits it at certain angles. So since I’ll be the one looking at this space everyday then I figured go bold and glittery 😋

My laundry room is actually a laundry closet inside my half bathroom. So painting this small space will be easy but spackling has become the challenge.

Stay tuned for the reveal……

Inspiration Wednesday – Agate Jewelry

I’ve been falling in love with some of these pieces I’ve seen on Pinterest. Thinking that I should make some of my own really soon!!

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