Sneak Peek Saturday – Jewelry Project

Sneak Peek Saturday – Jewelry Project

Hi All! Thank you for checking out today’s post….. I have a sneak peak for you on an upcoming jewelry project I’m working on this week.  I’ve seen this pic on Pinterest that I’ve really been wanting to do myself ….. a Zodiac Stretch Bracelet!

Gemini Stretch Bracelet

I went searching online knowing Michael’s or other craft stores wouldn’t have my Gemini symbol. I started at my go-to jewelery making bulk supply store, Fire Mountain Gem, but no luck there so I then luckily found it on Etsy!

gemini charm

Isn’t it lovely!?!?

So there’s your sneak peak………. hope you’ll be back to see the finished product! Stay tuned……….

DIY Friday – Barrel Planter on Wheels

DIY Friday – Barrel Planter on Wheels

Happy Friday!!! I found these cute planter barrels while driving by the Christmas Tree Shop a few weeks ago and just had to buy them. They came in a variety of sizes and of course I got a few of each. Then I thought, where to put these?! I decided that one of these for now would go on my back deck, but knowing once filled with dirt they’d be difficult to move around.  I remembered seeing something on Pinterest that I had added to my garden board, on how to make containers lighter.

There were a few that I posted; one was of those packing peanuts.

I tried this once last year and I wasn’t a huge fan. Once they were soaked after having wet dirt on top for a year-long they dissolved and stuck to the pot. When I went to reuse the pot it was just a sticky mess (I personally didn’t care for it).

Next was of pine cones;

I couldn’t get my hands on enough of these for my large pots since I live in the city, and the only woodsy area around me were filled with dog poop as that is the neighborhood potty for our fury friends. I wasn’t planning on digging around for these. Maybe for smaller containers this will do just fine but not for what I needed. The store bought ones I’ve found are all scented and I’m hesitant to put that near plants.

So I came up with another solution. Since we can use egg cartons and toilet paper rolls as seedling starters, then why not fill a container with them since its not harmful to plants and will decompose eventually?! Also why not have them on wheels to easily transport the bigger containers?!?! So I took a few pictures of my attempted DIY this week.


Attached heavy-duty casters (wheels) to the bottom of the barrel

Make sure that when the casters roll around that they don’t trip up on the edges of the barrel before screwing them in.

Inside of the barrel

The casters can be found at hardware stores but I bought mine in bulk for cheaper on Amazon. Though they didn’t come with its own screws so I had to improvise with what I had in-house. Which is why I took the photo above because some of them came through the barrel. I only put 2 screws on each caster, that should hold up fine but if it seems I need more I can just put them in later. Note to self – when reusing these planters to be careful when reaching the bottom.

Front view after casters are on
Filled with egg cartons, toilet paper & paper towel rolls
filled until 1/3 from the edge
Filled the rest with potting soil and added my vegetables and herbs.

So I now have a mini vegetable and herb garden on my back deck, and once they get bigger I can transplant them to the ground if I want to, or just leave it.

Eventually I know that the cartons and rolls will decompose and get crushed by wet soil but for now it’ll do. So what do you all think? Any of you try this before, or any of the other methods??

Inspiration Wednesday – Moroccan Outdoor Project

Inspiration Wednesday – Moroccan Outdoor Project

Summer is FINALLY approaching us in New England…….. WOOHOO!!.…………..and I’m looking at my backyard and seeing how much still needs to get done (enter sigh emoji face here). Our spring seemed extremely short (or maybe it was just me) and I haven’t had any time for spring cleaning in the front or back yard. Mulching and planting still needs to happen this weekend, but I’m thinking a little more into the near future with my backyard entertaining area.

I’ve loved the jeweled tone colors and prints of Morocco for quite some time and have felt inspired to make one of my rooms that Moroccan/Bohemian theme. The best place I figured to do this for a feeling of warmth and relaxation was outdoors since my bedroom already has a beach theme.

So here are some pictures of inspiration for my project this month.

Fairy Lights
DIY Tinted Moroccan Jars from Sauce/Food jars


I’ll have future posts on my progress, so stay tuned!! What has YOU inspired??



Hi Everyone & Welcome to Jewels by Mia!

Thanks a BUNCH for taking a minute to check out my new blog, and learn about my revelation to start one. A little tidbit about me is that I love practically Everything. I Especially love glittery, shiny things too! “The more BLING the better” I always say.

I was really hesitant to start a blog, since I’m not much of an over-sharer especially when it comes to my personal life, but the “Gemini” in me does need to ask everyone’s opinion whether its on life decisions, styles/fashion, pros & cons of ideas (like this one) and whatnot before I can decide what to do. And yes I did asked all my close friends & family if I should ‘start a blog’ and came to the decision to give it a try.

I figured Bloggin’ would be just another way for me to do what I already do with my friends, to broaden my ‘horizons’ of opinions. What do I got to lose? Maybe a few hours of writing about something I love?! Doesn’t seem so bad…..right?

So here I go with my first post EVER……. and I would like to tell you what you will find on this blog.

DIY Jewelry & Crafts

Home Decor, Tips & Styles

Fashion & Beauty Tips & Styles


Well I hope you enjoyed it, and please feel free to let me know of any blogging tips that maybe useful to a ‘newbie’ like me!