Zodiac Bracelet Tutorial

Zodiac Bracelet Tutorial

Holy moly….. where has the time gone???

I know I know its been a few weeks month since I’ve posted anything on my lil’ blog, but life in the past few weeks has been crazy. I’ve been sick for a little over 2 weeks and unable to work on any projects. When I finally started getting better, my 1st Wedding Anniversary and Birthday came a week apart from each other, needless to say its been hectic with planning trips and stuff. So it was hard to be motivated enough to get going on this project that I’ve mentioned on my last post here! I really need to be better about posting!! I wanted to do this tutorial because I fell in love with this bracelet that I saw on Pinterest, mainly cause it a gemini charm and I’m a gemini, but the site took me to the Hautelook. This is a shopping site that has deals for a limited amount of time, usually only a few hrs or a couple days. So I click on it and it’s no longer there to buy ūüėĒ and I figured I could definitely make this!! I finally got around to it and would love to share it with you.

So wait no further………it is finally here! Gorgeous JEWELS for your wrists.

I apologize in advance for the poor quality photos that was taken with my iPhone (it’s old and I can’t upgrade for a while ūüė©)

Hope you all enjoy my lil’ bracelet tutorial. You can have one of your very own, stop by my Etsy Shop and send me your special request.

Here are photos of the supplies and tools I used.

I’ve wrapped the stretchy string around my wrist to size it about one and a half wraps this is to give me enough room to crimp and allow for mistakes. I have small wrists so this came out to 12inches includin the extra room for¬†boo-boos


Then measure out 2 more strings of the same size.


Tape one side down.

String your beads, try to count them out to have the same length on all strings, unless the diameter of the beads are different sizes.

Add 3 hole spacers. You can add these at the end like I did here or throughout the bracelet. this will keep all strings together.


Add your charms – you can add them in the same section or spread out throughout the bracelet. Totally up to your personal preference.


Here I needed to change the hoop on this charm to keep it the same length. The second charm I had to piece together. Took the stone and used E6000 glue to adhere to the pendant.



Add some more beads and spacer if you wish.


Then close off with crimp beads.


This last picture is¬†hard to see and make out exactly what I’m doing. So sorry about that!! What’s going on there is that I’m closing up the bracelet by crimping. The lighting was horrible for towards the end of my project working into the evening here. Crimping beads are mostly used for stretch bracelets such as this among other things. This is the hardest part personally for me because every time I tried crimping one string the other 2 got loose and and all beads ended up on the floor and I had to start over. So either get a helper on this part or what I finally ended up doing was taping all ends to the table and crimped one at a time.

Here is a link to show you a better example of how to crimp.

Below is a list of all the supplies and tools I used and where I got mine from.

Fire Mountain Gems is my go to for¬†beading supplies when I can’t find things¬†at Michaels. I’m like a kid in a candy store whenever these goodies arrive in my mailbox, wrapped in this.


I found the cute zodiac charm on Etsy from this store called Wildflower And Company. It came in the most adorable packaging with this cute card saying thank you by the owner (I think).


I fell in love with their store, isn’t this so cute???

~Inspiration VS Mine!~

Gemini Stretch BraceletIMG_2309

SO what do you all think?????? If you enjoyed my tutorial and attempted this on your own….I would love to hear about it! Or if you’d rather purchase one, as I mentioned above, please check out my Etsy Shop!