DIY Friday – Sand Dollar & Burlap Vase

DIY Friday – Sand Dollar & Burlap Vase

After my wedding a little over a year ago, not many people had taken home these lovely centerpieces…………

fotografia 3

they were all paid for through the florist and not rented or borrowed from our venue. We have been keeping them in our Office/Craft room ever since then. SOOOOO what to do with all these vases?!?!?! I (of course) searched Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, and felt a bit overwhelmed not knowing where in the house I could put it and find a home for, but I realized I didn’t need to make them all the same or use them all at once. I could make them seasonal or even get more creative and give them away as gifts. So here I go starting with one at a time……… today for DIY Friday we are doing a beach theme vase. Sand Dollar & Burlap!

As you can see I have 3 different sizes and plenty of each of them, so for this one I just chose the medium size.

burlap vase

I wrapped a wider burlap ribbon tightly around the vase and cut it accordingly leaving a little overlap to glue the seam; that way your not gluing all over the vase. I used E6000 industrial craft glue. This takes a bit to dry but will dry clear, and I had tied some twine a could times around it to hold the seam closed while it dried.


Then I just simply fed the twine through the sand dollar and carefully tied it into a bow!


And Voila!! The first of many more soon to come!


Take a look at my Brass Knuckles!

Knuckle Rings to be exact!! Hehe……. see what I did there?!?! I hope to have caught your attention! 🙂

Check out these favs of mine from Pinterest!!!


Beauty Tuesday’s – My New Hair Color!!

I took the plunge and went with Magenta!! As I had mentioned in this earlier post, I was looking for inspiration to make a change to my dull hair. I had my Hairdresser only add the color to where my hair was already lightened instead of bleaching my whole head, this made it look more like highlights/ombre type of look. That way its not so drastic for my job, but is enough of a change to keep me happy (at least for the time being)!!



What do you all think??

Simple Hamsa Bracelet Tutorial

Simple Hamsa Bracelet Tutorial

The Hamsa is a universal symbol used in many cultures to ward off evil spirits or offer protection from the “evil eye”! Not only is it a sign of protection but also blessings, power, and strength.

So today I’m going to show you how to make a simple Hamsa bracelet! I have a picture tutorial for you all and will list the items I used and where I purchased them at the end of this post. You can also find this on my Etsy Shop!



  • 4mm round Gold plated brass 22 gauge jumprings//Fire Mountain Gems
  • Gold plated lobster claw clasps//Michaels
  • 1.25mm round 14kt Gold Filled Chain//Fire Mountain Gems
  • Gold Hamsas//Michaels
  • Turquoise beads//Michaels
  • Eye or head pins//Michaels
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire Cutter

Notes: You can find most jump rings and clasps in a set to purchase at Michaels. I happened to only have a thin gold chain so that’s why I looped it to make the strands have a little strength, but you can use any size you’d like (and same goes for the clasps and jump rings). I only had gold plated head pins, so I cut it down to make eye loops, if you have eye pins it makes the job easier and one less step to do.

Hope you all enjoyed this simple tutorial! Please feel free to stop by my Etsy store and get one of your own customized. 🙂

Moroccan Backyard Getaway

Moroccan Backyard Getaway

Hello Lovelies! It’s been a bit of a slow process and now this project has turned out to be sort of at a standstill. 😦 Since we haven’t had visitors or thrown a bbq this summer, my husband isn’t in any rush to put the canopy up (its such a pain in the you know what, and last year he pulled his back putting it up). 😦 We had his parents help take it down, but I don’t blame him for not wanting to have to deal with it if we aren’t using it. Needless to say I hope to get my vision for this project finalized eventually but money is always tight, so the major things like furniture and cushions will be bought in bits when on sale and such. I still have lots of missing pieces and (being the Gemini that I am) I’ll probably keep changing my mind on them until I get it right, but here is what I’ve gotten so far.


I bought this one last summer at Pier 1 when they had the Outdoor Furniture Sale (which I believe is still going on), so this summer a bought another piece here to go with it but I’m waiting to pick it up at my local store. And yes my puppy’s tail wanted to get in on the picture….haha

Don’t mind my pantry in the background!!

I love the vibrancy of Pier 1 but it can be too much $ on a budget like ours, luckily I have a wonderful husband who had gotten me a gift card there for Christmas (knowing how much I love the place).  So I waited until some of these items were on sale and bought most of these lanterns and the storage bin with that gift card 🙂 the tea cups and rest of the lanterns were bought there last summer. Though the blue candle holders were from Target but I’m still unsure about using them for this project.

I will keep you all posted on my journey with this since the summer is nearly over and hope to have something final by next summer!!

Do you have any outdoor projects you’d like to share or that have inspired you to try??

Off-Shoulder Dresses

Off-Shoulder Dresses

Yaaaaaay!!! I’m SOOOO excited……… I’ve finally gotten my order in from SheIN of those fabulous looking dresses I posted about here. I’ll try to keep this post as short as possible with some quick reviews.

Down falls…….. One, if your in a rush for an outfit then your better off going somewhere else. I placed my order at the beginning of July and got them all in small batches but most of it took almost a month to get it. Two, triple check your measurements before you buy something. I found even though I’m a large on most things that even some of their XL’s don’t fit me (there too small). And three, be very careful when ordering because shipping it back for exchange/return WILL COST YOU!

Only 3 of the 6 came in, and 1 of those 3 actually fit. The other 2 I ordered were baggy (as my husband said “you look like your wearing a potato sack!”), I may be able to go a size or so down.

Dress #1


Dress#1//Black Off The Shoulder Ruffle Tassel Dress//Fits perfectly!! I feel like I’m on vacation in Mexico and going to a Fiesta! I actually wore this out to a Fiesta but a local Portuguese one (we call them Festas)! Loved it, but it was windy that night and I was a little nervous of the flowyness and you know what could happen. But it was great!!

Dress #2


Dress#2//Blue Off The Shoulder Peplum Hem Dress// Really like this one and its supposed to be baby doll style but seems  big on the waist but almost snug on the shoulders. Which is usually how baby doll style dresses are but this one just seems slightly big on me, so I’ll be getting a size down on this.

Dress #3


Dress#3//Red Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder Dress//this one I love but is surprisingly way too big, I’ll be going a size down on this too and hope for the best!

So I cross my fingers hoping to get the other 2 back and fit well! Here’s hoping!!