DIY Friday – Sand Dollar & Burlap Vase

After my wedding a little over a year ago, not many people had taken home these lovely centerpieces………… they were all paid for through the florist and not rented or borrowed from our venue. We have been keeping them in our Office/Craft room ever since then. SOOOOO what to do with all these vases?!?!?! IContinue reading “DIY Friday – Sand Dollar & Burlap Vase”

Beauty Tuesday’s – My New Hair Color!!

I took the plunge and went with Magenta!! As I had mentioned in this earlier post, I was looking for inspiration to make a change to my dull hair. I had my Hairdresser only add the color to where my hair was already lightened instead of bleaching my whole head, this made it look moreContinue reading “Beauty Tuesday’s – My New Hair Color!!”

Simple Hamsa Bracelet Tutorial

The Hamsa is a universal symbol used in many cultures to ward off evil spirits or offer protection from the “evil eye”! Not only is it a sign of protection but also blessings, power, and strength. So today I’m going to show you how to make a simple Hamsa bracelet! I have a picture tutorialContinue reading “Simple Hamsa Bracelet Tutorial”

Moroccan Backyard Getaway

Hello Lovelies! It’s been a bit of a slow process and now this project has turned out to be sort of at a standstill. 😦 Since we haven’t had visitors or thrown a bbq this summer, my husband isn’t in any rush to put the canopy up (its such a pain in the you knowContinue reading “Moroccan Backyard Getaway”

Off-Shoulder Dresses

Yaaaaaay!!! I’m SOOOO excited……… I’ve finally gotten my order in from SheIN of those fabulous looking dresses I posted about here. I’ll try to keep this post as short as possible with some quick reviews. Down falls…….. One, if your in a rush for an outfit then your better off going somewhere else. I placedContinue reading “Off-Shoulder Dresses”