About Me

Hi Everyone! Thank you for stopping by Jewels by Mia!

I’m Maria (my nickname is Mia). I’m a twenty-something newlywed from Massachusetts and a Gemini as you may have guessed. I love a ‘lil bit of everything especially if its Shiny & GLITTERY.

I work full time and would like to one day very soon start a family and potentially work from home so that I can (ideally) raise my children on my own. Far stretch! (I know) nowadays this seems harder, but I have over an hour commuter to work now and know this will be very difficult for me to see my children never mind raising them…… And here I go rambling on (I tend to do this often)!!

I love DIY and though I may not be very good at it, I’m not afraid to research and try it out. The fun is in the doing, and the fact that you can save $ while being creative is something that I enjoy tremendously.

I LOVE MUSIC and dancing and have a passion for SINGING (maybe one day as a career (a girl can dream!)).

I also love fashion, beauty, home decor, cooking, PINTEREST……the list goes on and on. Here you will find a ‘lil bit of everything, practically whatever suits you (I HOPE), and I hope you enjoy being on my journey with me as I tackle projects (some that I’m attempting from Pinterest), fashion and beauty tips & ideas, recipes, and an attempt at blogging for the first time!

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