Quick & Easy – Vinyl Organization

Quick & Easy – Vinyl Organization

Happy Monday Lovelies!!

Today I’m sharing with you a project I was working on this weekend to clean up, little by little, the clutter in my office/craft room.

I’m still fairly new to VINYLing ( I don’t even know if that’s the correct usage for that word, but go with me on it) and though I don’t have very many sheets/rolls, I found the few that I did have weren’t ever all in the same place. So every time I went looking for one I couldn’t find it. I needed to create a “home” for them. As I was searching for my vinyls, I saw my CAN collection and thought out loud, “here is a good use for these!”


I grabbed quite a few and made sure they were all the same size. Then I spray painted them a glossy white with primer all in one.


After a few coats and letting it dry, I added a little bling to them {what else is new?!} since I had a ton of glitter tape in a variety of colors. I wanted to color code my cans to match my vinyls as best as I could. WICKED CUTE!! No?!?!


Then I stuck them all together with a hot glue gun. As you see there are some extra cans there that for now I didn’t need, but I figured I’d find more rolls of vinyl in my messy office at some point and then I can just add to these.


I was going to keep them lying down like this until I realized that the cans were too short for the long rolls I had and would just slide out, so I stood them up instead.


What do you guys think?!? It only took 10 minutes to make, not including the painting and drying time. How do you organize your vinyls? Any other ideas/uses for recycling cans?

Sneak Peak Saturdays – Laundry Room Upgrade

Sneak Peak Saturdays – Laundry Room Upgrade

Hi Lovelies!! 🙂

I know its been a long while since I’ve done any posting (SHOCKER!! But I’m seriously working on getting better….. I SWEAR!!). My full time job is always hectic INSANE this time of year, with barely any time for my husband let alone the blog-iverse (blog universe) and myself for that matter. So how can I make it up to you all?!?!? Why, with a mini-renovation with before & after pictures, of course!!! 🙂

Here is a quick look at this project for my segment, Sneak Peak Saturdays, this month. For those of you new to my blog, I try (keyword “TRY”) to post glimpses of a project (usually a large/major project or DIY) once a month in this segment I like to call SNEAK PEAK SATURDAYS……catchy huh?!?! Then later that week I’d post about the full reveal of said project.

So here goes……this months Sneak Peak!


This line of products can be found only at Target! I fell in love with their color choices and I thought I’d add a little bling glitter to the paint of course! It’s very subtle and you can only see it when the light hits it at certain angles. So since I’ll be the one looking at this space everyday then I figured go bold and glittery 😋

My laundry room is actually a laundry closet inside my half bathroom. So painting this small space will be easy but spackling has become the challenge.

Stay tuned for the reveal……

DIY Friday – Sand Dollar & Burlap Vase

DIY Friday – Sand Dollar & Burlap Vase

After my wedding a little over a year ago, not many people had taken home these lovely centerpieces…………

fotografia 3

they were all paid for through the florist and not rented or borrowed from our venue. We have been keeping them in our Office/Craft room ever since then. SOOOOO what to do with all these vases?!?!?! I (of course) searched Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, and felt a bit overwhelmed not knowing where in the house I could put it and find a home for, but I realized I didn’t need to make them all the same or use them all at once. I could make them seasonal or even get more creative and give them away as gifts. So here I go starting with one at a time……… today for DIY Friday we are doing a beach theme vase. Sand Dollar & Burlap!

As you can see I have 3 different sizes and plenty of each of them, so for this one I just chose the medium size.

burlap vase

I wrapped a wider burlap ribbon tightly around the vase and cut it accordingly leaving a little overlap to glue the seam; that way your not gluing all over the vase. I used E6000 industrial craft glue. This takes a bit to dry but will dry clear, and I had tied some twine a could times around it to hold the seam closed while it dried.


Then I just simply fed the twine through the sand dollar and carefully tied it into a bow!


And Voila!! The first of many more soon to come!

Simple Hamsa Bracelet Tutorial

Simple Hamsa Bracelet Tutorial

The Hamsa is a universal symbol used in many cultures to ward off evil spirits or offer protection from the “evil eye”! Not only is it a sign of protection but also blessings, power, and strength.

So today I’m going to show you how to make a simple Hamsa bracelet! I have a picture tutorial for you all and will list the items I used and where I purchased them at the end of this post. You can also find this on my Etsy Shop!



  • 4mm round Gold plated brass 22 gauge jumprings//Fire Mountain Gems
  • Gold plated lobster claw clasps//Michaels
  • 1.25mm round 14kt Gold Filled Chain//Fire Mountain Gems
  • Gold Hamsas//Michaels
  • Turquoise beads//Michaels
  • Eye or head pins//Michaels
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire Cutter

Notes: You can find most jump rings and clasps in a set to purchase at Michaels. I happened to only have a thin gold chain so that’s why I looped it to make the strands have a little strength, but you can use any size you’d like (and same goes for the clasps and jump rings). I only had gold plated head pins, so I cut it down to make eye loops, if you have eye pins it makes the job easier and one less step to do.

Hope you all enjoyed this simple tutorial! Please feel free to stop by my Etsy store and get one of your own customized. 🙂

DIY Friday – Bird Feeders

DIY Friday – Bird Feeders

Happy Friday Lovelies!!

Today’s DIY Friday I made with my best friend’s twin boys whom I’m baby(big boy)sitting today. 😉

My Bestie really wanted some bird feeders for her yard, and she told me about this pic she had on her Pinterest board.

Another Pinterest project!! Hehe my favorite kind of project 🙂

So while they were away I figured to do this for her with the boys; it would be a fun thing to do with them.

We each got our own can (labels already removed and cleaned out) and carefully started painting.

Once we covered our cans in paint we had to wait for it to dry. So we placed them in the sun though they weren’t too happy about it but understood and they were excited to go to the park while we waited.

These are the semi-finished products before the bird seeds go in.

Don’t these look great?!?  These munchkins did a wonderful job!

Well, enjoy the rest of your Friday Lovelies!! Hope you enjoyed our little project 🙂

Sneak Peek Saturday – Jewelry Project

Sneak Peek Saturday – Jewelry Project

Hi All! Thank you for checking out today’s post….. I have a sneak peak for you on an upcoming jewelry project I’m working on this week.  I’ve seen this pic on Pinterest that I’ve really been wanting to do myself ….. a Zodiac Stretch Bracelet!

Gemini Stretch Bracelet

I went searching online knowing Michael’s or other craft stores wouldn’t have my Gemini symbol. I started at my go-to jewelery making bulk supply store, Fire Mountain Gem, but no luck there so I then luckily found it on Etsy!

gemini charm

Isn’t it lovely!?!?

So there’s your sneak peak………. hope you’ll be back to see the finished product! Stay tuned……….

DIY Friday – Barrel Planter on Wheels

DIY Friday – Barrel Planter on Wheels

Happy Friday!!! I found these cute planter barrels while driving by the Christmas Tree Shop a few weeks ago and just had to buy them. They came in a variety of sizes and of course I got a few of each. Then I thought, where to put these?! I decided that one of these for now would go on my back deck, but knowing once filled with dirt they’d be difficult to move around.  I remembered seeing something on Pinterest that I had added to my garden board, on how to make containers lighter.

There were a few that I posted; one was of those packing peanuts.

I tried this once last year and I wasn’t a huge fan. Once they were soaked after having wet dirt on top for a year-long they dissolved and stuck to the pot. When I went to reuse the pot it was just a sticky mess (I personally didn’t care for it).

Next was of pine cones;

I couldn’t get my hands on enough of these for my large pots since I live in the city, and the only woodsy area around me were filled with dog poop as that is the neighborhood potty for our fury friends. I wasn’t planning on digging around for these. Maybe for smaller containers this will do just fine but not for what I needed. The store bought ones I’ve found are all scented and I’m hesitant to put that near plants.

So I came up with another solution. Since we can use egg cartons and toilet paper rolls as seedling starters, then why not fill a container with them since its not harmful to plants and will decompose eventually?! Also why not have them on wheels to easily transport the bigger containers?!?! So I took a few pictures of my attempted DIY this week.


Attached heavy-duty casters (wheels) to the bottom of the barrel

Make sure that when the casters roll around that they don’t trip up on the edges of the barrel before screwing them in.

Inside of the barrel

The casters can be found at hardware stores but I bought mine in bulk for cheaper on Amazon. Though they didn’t come with its own screws so I had to improvise with what I had in-house. Which is why I took the photo above because some of them came through the barrel. I only put 2 screws on each caster, that should hold up fine but if it seems I need more I can just put them in later. Note to self – when reusing these planters to be careful when reaching the bottom.

Front view after casters are on
Filled with egg cartons, toilet paper & paper towel rolls
filled until 1/3 from the edge
Filled the rest with potting soil and added my vegetables and herbs.

So I now have a mini vegetable and herb garden on my back deck, and once they get bigger I can transplant them to the ground if I want to, or just leave it.

Eventually I know that the cartons and rolls will decompose and get crushed by wet soil but for now it’ll do. So what do you all think? Any of you try this before, or any of the other methods??