Take a look at my Brass Knuckles!

Knuckle Rings to be exact!! Hehe……. see what I did there?!?! I hope to have caught your attention! 🙂

Check out these favs of mine from Pinterest!!!

Off-Shoulder Dresses

Off-Shoulder Dresses

Yaaaaaay!!! I’m SOOOO excited……… I’ve finally gotten my order in from SheIN of those fabulous looking dresses I posted about here. I’ll try to keep this post as short as possible with some quick reviews.

Down falls…….. One, if your in a rush for an outfit then your better off going somewhere else. I placed my order at the beginning of July and got them all in small batches but most of it took almost a month to get it. Two, triple check your measurements before you buy something. I found even though I’m a large on most things that even some of their XL’s don’t fit me (there too small). And three, be very careful when ordering because shipping it back for exchange/return WILL COST YOU!

Only 3 of the 6 came in, and 1 of those 3 actually fit. The other 2 I ordered were baggy (as my husband said “you look like your wearing a potato sack!”), I may be able to go a size or so down.

Dress #1


Dress#1//Black Off The Shoulder Ruffle Tassel Dress//Fits perfectly!! I feel like I’m on vacation in Mexico and going to a Fiesta! I actually wore this out to a Fiesta but a local Portuguese one (we call them Festas)! Loved it, but it was windy that night and I was a little nervous of the flowyness and you know what could happen. But it was great!!

Dress #2


Dress#2//Blue Off The Shoulder Peplum Hem Dress// Really like this one and its supposed to be baby doll style but seems  big on the waist but almost snug on the shoulders. Which is usually how baby doll style dresses are but this one just seems slightly big on me, so I’ll be getting a size down on this.

Dress #3


Dress#3//Red Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder Dress//this one I love but is surprisingly way too big, I’ll be going a size down on this too and hope for the best!

So I cross my fingers hoping to get the other 2 back and fit well! Here’s hoping!!

Whimsical Fashion and Quotes

Whimsical Fashion and Quotes

Today I’m feeling very WHIMSICAL…………….stress free zone here!!

I’m loving some of these effervescent fashions and thought I’d share them with you lovelies as well as some beautifully inspiring quotes found on Pinterest!!

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Hope you all are having a wondrous day 😉

Fashion Monday’s – Off the Shoulder Dresses

Fashion Monday’s – Off the Shoulder Dresses

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!!

I’ve decided to try and do a weekly/monthly fashion post and call it Fashion Monday’s. I’d like to make this a weekly post but being realistic here I’ll start with at least monthly; if I can, I’ll do more. Here is the first of hopefully many Fashion Monday’s post.

I’ve been falling in love with bare shoulder dresses and shirts this summer and I found this site through another blogger that I follow. She’s got all sorts of great fashion and makeup tips and ideas, and she’s the wifey to the gorgeous actor Matt Lanter (they are such a cute freakin’ couple)…………….ANYWAYS……….. I saw her wear this dress and fell in love with it.

SO of course I had to go buy it!! And a few other cute ones I saw. Can’t wait for these to come knockin’ at my door!!!!

These are very IN right now!! Hehe see what I did there?! 🙂

They have great deals on this site SheIN,so lets hope these are of good quality.

I’ll keep you guys posted when I finally get to try these lovelies on, though I’ve heard/read sites like these can be complicated with size measurements (when placing my orders I found it very confusing. each dress had measurements way off from others even of the same style, you may be a medium in one dress but an extra large in another….lets hope I got it right)………… and deals like these could be due to materials that may not be as good of a quality as some department stores. But I won’t recommend any that I find aren’t of excellent quality or a good steal/deal, for you lovelies!! We’ll see how this experience turns out………….

Have any of you shopped from SheIn or others like it (ASOS, UStrendy, etc.)???