Prom Makeup

Prom Makeup

Another one of my cousins asked for some help. Her daughter went to junior prom at the end of May. So exciting… my little cousin, I helped babysit back in the day, is all grown up! I could cry 😥

Ok back on track here, I was asked to do her makeup for the big day. We first did a trial day to see if she liked what I could come up with.

This is one of the looks she was going for.

Can you tell she loves getting her picture taken?!?












This is before faux lashes are put in to give the full affect. She unfortunately wasn’t a fan  and thought it was too much makeup. But she’s not a makeup kind of girl anyways, and I told her its prom your supposed to get super dolled up. I toned it down on the smoky look and went more neutral lid color with bronze/brown color on the crease.

Here are the pics from the day of. Sorry for some of the poor photo quality.

Before lashes
With lashes


Isn’t she gorgeous!!!
























Most of the items I used were her mom’s so I cant remember the brands and color names. The bronzer that I used for the lid crease was mine, from Arbonne, and I’m absolutely obsessed with it.

I used a black powder eye shadow and a gold crayon stick shadow (not sure I’m a fan of these) during the trial run. Maybe I’m not using it correctly or if your supposed to set it with something so it doesn’t clump up.

What do you think of these looks? Anyone have any tips for me for next time??

Hope I get to help with Senior prom next year! I had so much fun with them, so glad I got to be apart of this time in her life.

XOXO ~ Mia