Inspiration Wednesday – Bohemian Headpieces Jewelry

Inspiration Wednesday – Pink or Purple Hair?!

Inspiration Wednesday – Pink or Purple Hair?!

Hi Lovelies!

Today’s Inspiration Wednesday is about bold and bright colored hair.

I’m looking to dye my hair again and can’t decide whether to go more towards Pink/Reds or Purples. I’ve always looked good in Red tones but I want to go bolder. Here is some inspiration I got from Pinterest and would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

Light (Bubblegum) Pinks??

Darker MagentaPinks??


Or Both?!?!

What are your thoughts?? Hope I’ve inspired you to make a bold change!! 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday lovelies!!

XO ~ Mia

Whimsical Fashion and Quotes

Whimsical Fashion and Quotes

Today I’m feeling very WHIMSICAL…………….stress free zone here!!

I’m loving some of these effervescent fashions and thought I’d share them with you lovelies as well as some beautifully inspiring quotes found on Pinterest!!

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Hope you all are having a wondrous day 😉

Beauty Tuesday’s – Coral & Gold Nails

Beauty Tuesday’s – Coral & Gold Nails

Today’s Beauty Tuesday is about NAILS….. Coral and Gold to be exact. Definitely my favorite color combo this summer!! Here are some of my favorites from Pinterest!

I love the lil’ touches of Mint/Aqua on some of these!!

These “Stiletto Nails” seems to be the NEW nail fashion this season, though personally not my favorite….I did add a few looks on here for you lovelies!

What are your nail favorites this summer????