Office/Desk area update

Quite a few months back my cousin had asked for my help on ideas to update her mini office/ desk area. The both of us scouring Pinterest for inspiration & ideas, she figured she wanted to keep it simple and clean black & white theme with just hints of color; more so gold metallics. OnceContinue reading “Office/Desk area update”

DIY Friday – Bird Feeders

Happy Friday Lovelies!! Today’s DIY Friday I made with my best friend’s twin boys whom I’m baby(big boy)sitting today. 😉 My Bestie really wanted some bird feeders for her yard, and she told me about this pic she had on her Pinterest board. Another Pinterest project!! Hehe my favorite kind of project 🙂 So whileContinue reading “DIY Friday – Bird Feeders”

Inspiration Wednesday – Pink or Purple Hair?!

Hi Lovelies! Today’s Inspiration Wednesday is about bold and bright colored hair. I’m looking to dye my hair again and can’t decide whether to go more towards Pink/Reds or Purples. I’ve always looked good in Red tones but I want to go bolder. Here is some inspiration I got from Pinterest and would love toContinue reading “Inspiration Wednesday – Pink or Purple Hair?!”

Inspiration Wednesday – Game Controllers & Remote Storage

My husband likes to unwind from a hectic workday with Video Games…….which I have no problem with except for the fact that he has every gaming system under the sun and a bazillion controllers. What to do with all this clutter?!?!?! I feel like I need to tackle the clutter in my house little byContinue reading “Inspiration Wednesday – Game Controllers & Remote Storage”