Sneak Peak Saturdays – Laundry Room Upgrade

Sneak Peak Saturdays – Laundry Room Upgrade

Hi Lovelies!! 🙂

I know its been a long while since I’ve done any posting (SHOCKER!! But I’m seriously working on getting better….. I SWEAR!!). My full time job is always hectic INSANE this time of year, with barely any time for my husband let alone the blog-iverse (blog universe) and myself for that matter. So how can I make it up to you all?!?!? Why, with a mini-renovation with before & after pictures, of course!!! 🙂

Here is a quick look at this project for my segment, Sneak Peak Saturdays, this month. For those of you new to my blog, I try (keyword “TRY”) to post glimpses of a project (usually a large/major project or DIY) once a month in this segment I like to call SNEAK PEAK SATURDAYS……catchy huh?!?! Then later that week I’d post about the full reveal of said project.

So here goes……this months Sneak Peak!


This line of products can be found only at Target! I fell in love with their color choices and I thought I’d add a little bling glitter to the paint of course! It’s very subtle and you can only see it when the light hits it at certain angles. So since I’ll be the one looking at this space everyday then I figured go bold and glittery 😋

My laundry room is actually a laundry closet inside my half bathroom. So painting this small space will be easy but spackling has become the challenge.

Stay tuned for the reveal……

Inspiration Wednesday – Moroccan Outdoor Project

Inspiration Wednesday – Moroccan Outdoor Project

Summer is FINALLY approaching us in New England…….. WOOHOO!!.…………..and I’m looking at my backyard and seeing how much still needs to get done (enter sigh emoji face here). Our spring seemed extremely short (or maybe it was just me) and I haven’t had any time for spring cleaning in the front or back yard. Mulching and planting still needs to happen this weekend, but I’m thinking a little more into the near future with my backyard entertaining area.

I’ve loved the jeweled tone colors and prints of Morocco for quite some time and have felt inspired to make one of my rooms that Moroccan/Bohemian theme. The best place I figured to do this for a feeling of warmth and relaxation was outdoors since my bedroom already has a beach theme.

So here are some pictures of inspiration for my project this month.

Fairy Lights
DIY Tinted Moroccan Jars from Sauce/Food jars


I’ll have future posts on my progress, so stay tuned!! What has YOU inspired??